Outdoor Living Design Tips

Outdoor Living Design TipsSolana Beach interior designer Lena Brion shares some Outdoor Living Design Tips for  your outdoor living areas and how to design them to work for you and your family.

One of the most important considerations is to have comfortable seating so you will want to spend your time outdoors.

Also if your space is limited you will want to design a multi functional area that will meet your needs and offers some flexibility.

Don’t forget the area around your outdoor living space either. Improving the area with ornamental plants or adding decorative landscaping features such as a water feature or garden statue can improve the look and provide more enjoyment to your outdoor experience.


Outdoor style: How to make the best use of your space

“One of the biggest misconceptions about outdoor living spaces is the amount of options people have available to them, even with a small backyard. Also, people don’t realize a few small changes can make a large transformation to the overall look and feel of the space …”

“Lifestyle is one of the most important factors in design: What are the main functions you need out of the space? How do you live? Do you entertain regularly? Do you have a lot of large groups over, or more intimate settings? Where are you located? What are the existing elements that have to stay? Kids and pets also play into this as they have separate needs. … The answers to these questions affect how I will design your space from the overall layout and features to the furniture and materials.”


More Outdoor Living Design Tips In This Video

It’s always good  to get outdoor living ideas from what others have done. It helps you visualize and create your own outdoor living ideas. You may not  find exactly what you want but you can get pieces to the puzzle that will eventually become your own outdoor living space. So with that said, here is a video with some ideas for your outdoor living spaces