Using Decorative Garden Bridges In The Landscape

Using Decorative Garden Bridges In The Landscape

I know others will agree that there is something very quaint and alluring about using decorative garden bridges in the landscape.

Wood garden bridges are one of my favorite outdoor living ideas

I remember visiting a Japanese Garden as a child and although the entire garden was beautifully done.

It was the Japanese-style garden bridge that stuck in my mind even many years later.

Such ornaments or features are often referred to as focal points and are designed to attract your attention and draw your eyes into the scene around them.

Every landscape should have a focal point to draw our attention and interest.

I ran across a great article that helps explain how to use focal points in the landscape that I wanted to share.

Although it is not about wood garden bridges specifically these structures certainly can create a focal point in any landscape.

Focal Points For Outdoor Living and Landscapes

(Nan Fischer)

“Have you ever gone to an outdoor summer party and immediately looked at something as soon as you entered the yard? That was a focal point, and you did exactly what it was supposed to make you do – look.

A well-placed focal point is the dominant feature, and it draws your eye right to it. It is the center of attention. A sculpture in a perennial bed is something to initially look at, and then your eye can meander around the rest of the garden. It will always come to rest at the focal point.”

Certainly using decorative garden bridges in the landscape qualifies as a focal point.

Using Decorative Wooden Garden Bridges

SamsGazebos MB-B4-T Garden Bridge, Brown

When we think of garden bridges we generally associate them with water. However, garden bridges are much more versatile than that.

You can use them as a focal point in your garden even if there is no water and you live in the middle of a desert.

Garden bridges can be used anywhere you want to create visual interest in the landscape.

Try Building A Pond For Your Bridge

Certainly, they look great by a pond but they can be used to cross a culvert or a swale in your landscape too.

It is not that difficult to create a small water garden using some pond liner or a preformed pond.

Such a pond could be built in a weekend. Add some water lilies and a few goldfish and you will have a delightful water feature for your garden bridge to go across.

Build A Dry Steam Bed For Your Garden Bridge

Another way of using decorative garden bridges in the landscape is to build a dry stream bed and place your garden bridge over that.

Dry stream beds have become popular landscape ideas and if you live in an arid climate or just don’t want to mess with water they are ideal.

All you really need to do is form an outline of your stream bed on the ground.

Dig it out a bit to give it some depth and lay down some landscape barrier cloth. 

Then line the bed with decorative stones and some interesting driftwood pieces.

You can plant some ornamental plants along the edges to help define the space even further.

If your landscape needs a focal point why not consider wooden garden bridges, they look great, draw the eye and add interest and you really don’t need a drop of water to enjoy them in the landscape.

Here is an article that will show you how to build dry stream beds to put your wooden garden bridge over.

Using Decorative Garden Bridges In The Landscape Final Thoughts

In conclusion, garden bridges are a great way to add visual interest and focal points to any landscape.

They come in a variety of styles and can be used in many different ways.

Whether you want to use them over water or build a dry stream bed, they are sure to add beauty and charm to your landscape.

With a little creativity, you can easily find the perfect garden bridge for your home. Find more outdoor living ideas here.