About Urban Gardening Ideas

Welcome to Urban Gardening Ideas where you can learn about urban gardening.

What is urban gardening?

Urban gardening simply put is a term used to describe the various ways in which people can grow plants and flowers in an urban or city environment.

This can include growing plants in containers on balconies, rooftops, or patios, starting a community garden in an unused plot of land, or even growing plants indoors.

When most people think about urban gardening they think about growing vegetables but urban gardening can be as simple as growing houseplants indoors.

Urban gardening has many benefits, both for the individual gardener and for the wider community.

For the individual, it can provide a source of fresh produce, help to save money on groceries and provide a creative outlet.

For the community, urban gardens can increase access to fresh food, beautify neighborhoods, and create gathering spaces.

Whether you’re looking to grow your own food, supplement your income or simply want to add a splash of color to your neighborhood, urban gardening is a great option.

About Me

About me. It's me in the snow at the gate of my urban gardenMy name is Steve and I am a retired truck farmer.

The old saying “You can take a farmer out of the field but you can’t take the field out of the farmer” definitely holds true for me.

My farm is long gone and now I grow plants indoors using hydroponics.

I grow vegetables and houseplants too. And I write about them in this blog.

Hydroponics literally means working water. But there is more to hydroponics than just putting a plant in water.

Why Hydroponics?

The future of food production is hydroponic growing indoors. You get higher yields and you get them faster.

There are no floods, no droughts, no hail storms, and no bad weather at all.

Even if you don’t believe in climate change you have to be blind not to see all the extreme weather events occurring around the globe.

As a farmer, I cringe when I see the weather that farmers have to endure these days. I worry about massive crop failures in the future.

Europe is on fire, California is on fire, and we have heat waves, flash floods, and 1000-year droughts occurring every year.

Urban Gardening Is The Future Of Agriculture

I believe farming will have to move indoors. Water is becoming scarce. Weather is more unpredictable.

Urban farming and urban agriculture will become more popular and even necessary if we want to feed ourselves in the future.

While some crops are not feasible indoors many of them are and they use a lot less water and fertilizer than the same field-grown crop.

So it is my hope the information on this website will inspire you to try urban gardening.